Review of Pedal powered planes written by Dr K. Sherwin, reviewed by Chris Roper.

Paper on Covering with Melinex by Chris Roper

Paper on human power available for flight by Chris Roper.

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This section is (mostly) dedicated to the latest Kremer Human Powered Flight Competition For Schools. It is also a good starting point for understanding what is necessary to build a HPA whether you are interested or eligible for the competition

The competition is for 18 year olds and younger to build a HPA and to fly the longest (time, not necessarily distance) in a particular year. The rules and regulations are now available, see RAeS HPAG for more information

While I hope a lot of the information is obvious to you, this information has often not been obvious  or known to someone with results varying from spending time fixing a problem to crashing their HPA to their HPA never leaving the ground.

The section covers basic concepts in aerodynamics and structure as well as more advanced concepts needed to design a basic human powered aircraft for this Kremer prize. It also covers practical problems like handling, material suppliers and little details like where to fly it.

This section does not cover propeller basics and design which is covered in the Prop Designer section.

There is a “Basic concepts” section that explains some things that can be confusing.

The Pilot section covers information on power output and piloting skills needed

The Aerodynamics section covers information on calculating lift, drag and power.

The Structural section covers materials and construction techniques.

Other considerations covers operational problems like weather and where to fly.

A section for a design study called Wyvern has been added, this explains some of the theory in a more concrete way by giving worked examples.

There is an updates page for the Kremer section

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NOTE: While much of this section has general information on building HPAs, some of this section is specific to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland ).

NOTE: This site has no formal connection with RAeS or the Kremer prize committee.

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