A talk by Jem Stansfield from “Bang goes the theory” on building a HPA, in London. See here.

Bognor Birman was on September 11th and 12th, see The Worthing Birdman last year was August 14th and 15th, see for results and how to enter this year’s contest.

The Japanese birdman event last year (2010) was on July 24th and 25th. Meister won with a distance of 18,556.82m. It is in July this year.

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News of the death of Dr Lissaman, the designer of the L7669 wing section on 11th March 2012 and Vice President of Aerovironment Inc.

This year’s symposium will have an article by Bryan Allen on the next 35 years of HPAs

Jesse Van Kuijk is in Japan designing and helping to build a HPA called Anjali for the Japan International Birdman Rally. See here for more information.

News has just reached me that David Barford’s Betterfly flew 3 times on 23rd May 2012. More information to follow as soon as I get it.

Pegase 1

Project Pegase has reported the first assembly of Pégase, hopefully more news of test flight shortly.

Human powered helecopter Gamera II is doing well. There are a number of videos at

Atlas has also flown, see

Pégase assembled

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