This site welcomes submissions of news and articles on human powered flight and very low powered aircraft.

If you wish to submit a paper on a technical aspect of human powered flight there are a few guidelines.

  • The paper should be written in English, British or American dialects. If English is not your first language you can consult this site for help.
  • The paper should say something new about the subject or say it in a new and better way, not be a copy of existing work(s).
  • Any formulas should be illustrated with examples.
  • Any mathematics will be checked to see that it is correct. That is 1 * 1 = 2 will be referred back to the author for clarification.
  • As this site is accessed by people from around the world and much of the site is written for teenagers then the English should be as simple as possible and capable of translation.
  • This site uses S.I units, metres and Kilograms, so all units mentioned should either be in S.I. units or have the converted value in brackets.
  • Preferred formats for submissions are:- .odt, .doc, .xml, .rtf or .txt, generally anything Open Office 3.0 can read. .pdf files cause problems.
  • Formats for publishing submissions are:- HTML and PDF. HTML is the preferred format.
  • Any diagrams or photographs should be a common format and will be converted, if necessary, to a suitable format for publication. Generally GIF for diagrams and JPG for photographs.

All papers’ copyright remains with the author if the author wishes to claim copyright and full acknowledgment of the author will be made.

You, the author, allow this site a minimum 12 month’s use of the work. After 12 months you can ask for it to be removed.

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